Friday, 6 October 2017

Colours and Blocks

Over the last two weeks we have been continuing to use our senses to find out some new things. We have used our ears on a listening walk and to identify different instruments and our eyes to observe what happens when we mix different colours. We mixed different paint and play dough colours. We talked about how we can have different shades of a colour which can be darker or lighter. 

In maths we have been investigating the wooden and plastic blocks both inside and outside and making different arrangements with the shapes to make a model. 

In PE we listened to and acted out the story of "The Little Red Hen."
Thank you for all the donations of bulbs. We have started planting them in the outdoor area and look forward to watching them grow during the year. 

Next week our sound of the week will be P. Our number of the week is 1. In maths we will be counting and comparing small numbers of cubes , finding out who has more, less or perhaps the same as Bumble Bear.  
Don't forget on Wednesday we will be having a class photo for the PTA calendar. Nursery children have been asked to bring in a hat and scarf. If anyone has a spare hat or scarf they could bring in on the day, that would be appreciated, in case anyone forgets. Also another quick reminder that if you have a Baptism photo of your child please hand it to a member of staff.  
Here are a few of the other things we have done this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

                                            Jill Clarke

Friday, 22 September 2017

Our Family

Over the past two weeks the children have continued to settle well. We have been introducing them to new parts of the Nursery routine and different activities and resources. 
This week the children have been sharing their family photos. Please do send one in if you have not yet had a chance to do so. We have made a display of them in the classroom for the children to enjoy. We have been talking about how many people are in our families and the sorts of things we like to do together. The children have also all enjoyed decorating a person and drawing a picture of themselves. 

Last week the children all had their first PE lesson, going into the main hall. Here they are in action. 

They did really well listening to instructions on how to jump, hop and skip in time to the music. Well done Nursery. 
We have also enjoyed our first sessions with the ipads. 
In RE we have started a topic on Myself. This week we have been listening to some words from the Bible that remind us that God loves each one of us. We decorated the words with finger prints and tried to remember some of the words in the Bible verses. 

As you can see we have been very busy.
Here are a few of the other things we have enjoyed doing over the last two weeks. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Jill Clarke