Saturday, 2 December 2017

Autumn stories, Birthdays and learning about rhyme!

We looked at “Birthdays” as part of our RE topic work.  The children shared 
experiences of their own birthdays and listened carefully to how other children 
celebrated their special day. The children enjoyed singing 'Happy Birthday', playing party games and eating cake!  
They made party lists, cards, used the telephone to invite their friends to come to a
party and created birthday party teas in the role play area. 
We have continued our Autumn theme and enjoyed some story telling  activities and
creative activities based around two books “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” and “Ouch”.
We made Mini me’s!  These are miniature versions of the children and they use them in their play. 

In phonics we have introduced the children to different activities which focus on 
rhyming words.  They have looked at pictures of words that can be grouped together 
by a common sound, for example the "-at" family — cat, hat, sat etc.  Rhyming is an
important prerequisite to reading.  It helps children to develop their ability to hear,
identify, and manipulate sounds in words.  Why not practise some rhyming with your 
child at home? One person chooses a word and says, "Can you think of a word that 
rhymes with cat?" And the next person says a word or as many words as (s)he can that
rhyme with that word. It can help if you model saying the given word with the rhyming 
word so they stay on track with the rhyme (Cat, bat. Cat, hat. Cat, mat. . . ),

Here are some photos of some of the other activities we have enjoyed. 

We are of course, practising our songs for our First Nativity.  Perhaps you are being entertained with a song or two at home! 
Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Corcoran 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Fireworks, Cooking, Gardening and more….

How time flies....
We shared our Firework experiences and came up with some wonderful words to describe the fireworks we saw at the celebrations on Bonfire Night. Boom!  Bang!  Whoosh! Pretty!   - to name a few. We did some firework activities; we made our own firework pictures using sparkly paint and sponges and made name rockets.  We hope you have spotted them on the washing line display! 

In RE we have been learning about Baptism and being welcomed into God’s family. The children thoroughly enjoyed participating in a role play of a baptism service, taking turns playing the part of the priest, parents, God parents and friends of the family.

We have had great fun cooking and the children donned their aprons to roll and shape pastry, grate cheese and sprinkle Parmesan to make Cheese stars. Thank you  to our parent helpers who have led this activity. 

Here are some photos of some of us planting our seeds and bulbs.  We are looking forward to a wonderful display in the Spring time! 

We are always busy learning and having fun!  Here are a few more photos of some of the activities and games we have been enjoying at nursery. 

 PE Lessons 

Talking about seasonal fruits and vegetables 

Learning about shapes

Wearing blue for Anti- bullying week

Have a lovely weekend.  

Amanda Corcoran